Ponder This

Ponder This!

Here is a list of dkhometree blog posts containing quotations I enjoyed stumbling across, up to a dozen in each post, not more than two posts per month.  Got one you want to share?

Each post leads with an excerpt showing the speakers/authors of the quotes in that month’s post.  You can get a list of all quotes from a particular person by clicking on the tags in the blog posts.

You can share this list with the buttons at the bottom of the page, and you may post comments, too.

  • Ponder This 5/28/17 (5/28/2017) - Omar El Akkad - Harper's Index - John Burroughs - Kahlil Gibran - The Grifters - Keb Mo - Mignon McLaughlin
  • Ponder This 5/8/17 (5/8/2017) - Michael J. Fox - Will Rogers - Emma Curtis Hopkins - Luis Sierra - St. Augustine - Jon Kabat-Zinn - Shakespeare

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