Vive le président Emmanuel Macron!

Emmanuel Macron, the youngest president of France since Napoleon, sworn in on May 14, 2016


I am happy to see that France yet retains the health to avoid contracting the debilitating Trumprexit Fever.

How to Make an Impact Calling Congress on the Phone

Sometimes the best way to turn your anger into action is to pick up the phone. Follow these tips to minimize your anxiety and maximize your impact.

Let’s say you’ve got a problem that’s, well, big-league. As in an all-out assault on the very air you breathe, the water you drink, and the ground you stand on. Your representatives in Congress can help—especially after their phone lines get lit up by citizen activists. Need proof? Just look at the GOP’s reversal of its decision to eliminate the Office of Congressional Ethics and the withdrawal of a bill to sell off public lands—both of which were influenced by public outcry and lots and lots of phone calls. Here’s how to join the resistance and make your voice heard.

This is a summary list of the topics covered in the article by Jenny Shalant in Our Stories / Personal Action on the website of the Natural Resources Defense Council (           … Continue reading “How to Make an Impact Calling Congress on the Phone”

Major Step Forward in the Flint Water Crisis / My NRDC Membership

As a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council (, I am happy to share this kind of news about one of their projects: Flint Michigan’s poisonous water.  My simple way to summarize NRDC’s role in environmental protection is to say they are a not-for-profit law firm whose client is the planet.  They are also a scientific research institution, and much more.  I recommend joining, supporting and following them.  NRDC membership is one way I “resist.”

Here’s what they say about themselves, and why I ask you to listen:

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Nature’s Troubled Rights

Yay New Zealand, Ecuador (first country to grant constitutional rights to nature), Bolivia and India.  Continue reading below the video for another look at the matter.



Thank you, Lisa Brunetti of Zeebra Designs and Destinations, whose “artist’s eyes never rest,” not only for art’s sake, but for goodness, truth and beauty in everything and everyone, amplified by her various art media, including her writing and photography.  Thank you for sharing these links, giving us a broader perspective on the environmental situation in Ecuador …

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a war?

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hold on to your stomach.

Video Blast: Barney Rand Paul Fife, Dopey Cop Lesson for Killer Cops, and a Soundtrack for the Times — STILL

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I heard Barney Fife on the radio today, after all these many long years.  He said, “I have a message” and yada yada blah blah baloney.

Well, it sure as heck SOUNDED like Fife.  Listen to it here on YouTube.  I don’t mean the message, just the sound of his voice and manner of speaking.  Just poking fun at Randie.

As for his message, I don’t care WHAT Rand Paul says.  He’s the scariest prospect for an Oval Office occupant since George Wallace.

Barney’s Finest Moment
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I understand that plenty of folks don’t know our beloved Barney, so take a look at this clip of him in his finest moment.

In this clip, Barney Fife (played by Don Knotts) gives a speech that our quick-drawing gun-slinging cops need to consider before they empty 8 rounds into a man’s BACK as he flees, and then yell at the downed victim twice to put his hands behind his back and then cuff him.  Shoot’em, Danno.

A Book’em Danno Moment
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I refer to the video of the alleged (apparent, obvious, and maybe inevitable) murder of Walter Scott by police officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, SC on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.  Watching the video, I count 7 rounds, then a hesitation, then the 8th just for good measure.

On first glance, it looked to me as if the first four shots missed.  Was the cop on dope?  Then I read in the NY Times article:

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Hoffman Heightens Hanks

This cover picture (from does severe injustice to the vastly greater and more important role played by Hoffman over the minor one by Roberts.
This cover picture (from does injustice to the vastly greater and more important role played by Hoffman (rear) over the minor one by Roberts — as if she were the leading lady in a romance story with Hanks.  Not so at all.

In every movie where Philip Seymour Hoffman held a major role, his performance raised the bar for the entire cast.  He made them shine.  He did it for many of the most famous actors of our time.

I saw it happen as usual recently in a favorite movie, Charlie Wilson’s War, where Hoffman elevated Tom Hanks from his usual excellence to His Holy Starness.  The exchanges between their two characters — Hanks’ Congressman Charlie Wilson and Hoffman’s CIA task force chief Gust Avrakotos — put the movie over the top for me.  The incredible true story had me riveted, but Hanks and Hoffman made it more than memorable as enduring art, and would have done so even if they didn’t have two other perennial favorites filling the number three and four slots in the billing, Julia Roberts and Amy Adams.