Ponder This 5/28/17

Omar El Akkad – Harper’s Index – John Burroughs – Kahlil Gibran – The Grifters – Keb Mo – Mignon McLaughlin

This is the second post of a new feature in the dkhometree blog: occasional posts of quotations I stumbled across and liked.  Sometimes I’ll stick in a DK original.  Up to a dozen quotes in each post.  Not more than two posts per month.  There is a menu item above where you can get a list of all “Ponder This” posts.  You can get a list of all the posts for a particular person by clicking on their names in the tags to the left of each post.

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Major Step Forward in the Flint Water Crisis / My NRDC Membership

As a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council (nrdc.org), I am happy to share this kind of news about one of their projects: Flint Michigan’s poisonous water.  My simple way to summarize NRDC’s role in environmental protection is to say they are a not-for-profit law firm whose client is the planet.  They are also a scientific research institution, and much more.  I recommend joining, supporting and following them.  NRDC membership is one way I “resist.”

Here’s what they say about themselves, and why I ask you to listen:

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Nature’s Troubled Rights

Yay New Zealand, Ecuador (first country to grant constitutional rights to nature), Bolivia and India.  Continue reading below the video for another look at the matter.



Thank you, Lisa Brunetti of Zeebra Designs and Destinations, whose “artist’s eyes never rest,” not only for art’s sake, but for goodness, truth and beauty in everything and everyone, amplified by her various art media, including her writing and photography.  Thank you for sharing these links, giving us a broader perspective on the environmental situation in Ecuador …

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For Kay

Hope you enjoy these, Kay.  If not, well PHOOEY on YOUEE!  (and on Me-ee)

Brooke Leifer – Share the Love (The Pollinator Song):

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