Ransomware Advice and Old Windows Version Protection Update

As of noon Monday, 5/15, NPR says over 150 countries have been hit by Ransomware malware attacks.  The consequences are severe.  Victims include scores of thousands of businesses and institutions, including the U.K. National Health Service (they had to turn away patients) and railway and other vital services around the world.  Some big companies have had to shut down entire factories.  One of the biggest oil companies in China had their “payment system” attacked.  I don’t know whether they meant payroll or accounts payable.  I heard all this on NPR today.

(By the way, do you have a stash of emergency cash buried somewhere?  Going to wait until the banking system is hacked or your Social Security or payroll check gets sent to Siberia?)

Old versions of Windows (and Windows 10 installations not kept up to latest updates) are susceptible.  There are many ways you can pick up this malware, by browser, email, etc. Continue reading “Ransomware Advice and Old Windows Version Protection Update”

How to Make an Impact Calling Congress on the Phone

Sometimes the best way to turn your anger into action is to pick up the phone. Follow these tips to minimize your anxiety and maximize your impact.

Let’s say you’ve got a problem that’s, well, big-league. As in an all-out assault on the very air you breathe, the water you drink, and the ground you stand on. Your representatives in Congress can help—especially after their phone lines get lit up by citizen activists. Need proof? Just look at the GOP’s reversal of its decision to eliminate the Office of Congressional Ethics and the withdrawal of a bill to sell off public lands—both of which were influenced by public outcry and lots and lots of phone calls. Here’s how to join the resistance and make your voice heard.

This is a summary list of the topics covered in the article by Jenny Shalant in Our Stories / Personal Action on the website of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC.org):           … Continue reading “How to Make an Impact Calling Congress on the Phone”

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