dkhometree website change

Dear Followers/Subscribers: does not have a blog on the website anymore. is now just a simple 2-page website offering some info about me, how to contact me, and connections to other places on the web where I am active.

My “home” blog is TheBalsamean, started in 2012. offers links to my Google+Facebook and Twitter sites.  All posts to The Balsamean blog are link-posted to these three social media sites, if you prefer following that way instead of by email or RSS.

As an existing follower/subscriber of, the only “posts” you will receive from are rare notices about the website, such as added pages, features, etc.  If you want to receive these, then remain a follower/subscriber.

There is a Contact page at where you can email me.

Thank you for participating in the former dkhometree blog.  Even being “just a follower” without posting comments is participation!

With warm regards,
Dennis Koenig
August 15, 2017