Video Blast: Barney Rand Paul Fife, Dopey Cop Lesson for Killer Cops, and a Soundtrack for the Times — STILL

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I heard Barney Fife on the radio today, after all these many long years.  He said, “I have a message” and yada yada blah blah baloney.

Well, it sure as heck SOUNDED like Fife.  Listen to it here on YouTube.  I don’t mean the message, just the sound of his voice and manner of speaking.  Just poking fun at Randie.

As for his message, I don’t care WHAT Rand Paul says.  He’s the scariest prospect for an Oval Office occupant since George Wallace.

Barney’s Finest Moment
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I understand that plenty of folks don’t know our beloved Barney, so take a look at this clip of him in his finest moment.

In this clip, Barney Fife (played by Don Knotts) gives a speech that our quick-drawing gun-slinging cops need to consider before they empty 8 rounds into a man’s BACK as he flees, and then yell at the downed victim twice to put his hands behind his back and then cuff him.  Shoot’em, Danno.

A Book’em Danno Moment
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I refer to the video of the alleged (apparent, obvious, and maybe inevitable) murder of Walter Scott by police officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, SC on Tuesday, April 7, 2015.  Watching the video, I count 7 rounds, then a hesitation, then the 8th just for good measure.

On first glance, it looked to me as if the first four shots missed.  Was the cop on dope?  Then I read in the NY Times article:

Mr. Stewart said the coroner had told him that Mr. Scott was struck five times — three times in the back, once in the upper buttocks and once in the ear — with at least one bullet entering his heart. It is not clear whether Mr. Scott died immediately. (The coroner’s office declined to make the report available to The Times.)

Five hits out of eight shots at short range, and not while under fire (or even fired upon).  Just shows you how jittery-scared a cop can be when he’s shooting first, cuffing later.

Since Walter Scott’s shooting by Officer Michael Slager was all caught on video, the cop is now up on murder charges.  (Why bother if it’s not on tape?)  See the video and the NY Times article.  (Or get the video at YouTube for sharing.)

The Times article said:

The shooting came on the heels of high-profile instances of police officers’ using lethal force in New York, Cleveland, Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere. The deaths have set off a national debate over whether the police are too quick to use force, particularly in cases involving black men.

A debate?  You mean there’s a QUESTION about it?  Are we uncertain about the lethality of RWB OBC (Running While Black Off the Basketball Court)?  Other than radical redneck NRA devotees and cops, are there any sane people saying, “I don’t see the problem here?”

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But getting back to another part of our insane culture (i.e., in this case indirectly, hyper-capitalizm), Rand Paul found his beloved Big Government’s copyright law interfered for profit, or for the cause of profit, in his political free speech.  This caught my attention because I’m a big fan of copyright law.  It is crucial to Free Enterprise.

So it was that also on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 a Washington Post article reported that YouTube had blocked the first posted version of Rand Paul’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement because Warner Music Group claimed copyright infringement.  Paul’s speech event used as theme music John Rich’s song, Shuttin’ Detroit Down (which I like very much, now that I’ve heard of it).

John Rich
Shuttin’ Detroit Down
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Warner Music Group is not stupid.  They knew this could kick the song higher on the charts than it ever was before.  I’d never even heard of John Rich before this (it’s not my genre).  Now the song is stuck in my head, with images of Kris and Mickey hugging on the lawn.

I’d like to see an investigative reporter at the Post go find out how much Warner normally gives to the Paul campaign, and how much it has increased lately.  I wonder if John Rich will donate to Paul’s campaign, maybe as sort of just a thank-you gift?

In any case, thank you Mr. Rich and Warner for a fine song and music video, and thanks also to Kris Kristofferson and Mickey Rourke, among others you may recognize in the flick.

May heavy hearts open deep and wide for Walter Scott’s and Michael Slager’s families and communities.  Horrible as it is to belong to Scott right now, it’s also hard for me to imagine being Slager’s.

The NY Times article said, “A White House policing panel recommended that police departments put more video cameras on their officers.”  Yeah, I suppose that’s a good idea.  Better still, let’s start issuing car window and wearable video cameras (with audio) to everybody else.  They can be built right into ball caps.  Hey … somebody get me a patent lawyer, quick!

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