Free Air for the Disabled


This is not digital imagery gimmickry.  Who would have thought to make this up anyway?  It’s a real wall, at the Stewart’s store in Dannemora, NY, shot in person by Yours Truly.  By the way, this parking space is the farthest one from the door.  Market Uber Alles.    

Related stuff:

  • Politician rebuffs complaint about her campaign staff abusing a disability parking space.
  • U.S. Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decides public agencies with on-street parking (typically owned or managed by the city) must provide accessible parking spaces under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  That is, the ADA requires government agencies to provide accessibility, PERIOD.
  • A care giver discusses the joys and sorrows of finding a parking space, and the new restrictive Illinois regulation.  She’s got a way with words; such as saying that she gets “inappropriately euphoric” and does a “celebratory jig and air punching” Ellen DeGeneres curbside dance when she finds that ever elusive parking space for her daughter’s wheelchair access.  A good read, with a strong serious side, too.
  • Now THIS is what I call taking it to the street:  Genius Protest Speaks Out Against Parking Abuse.  Excellent photos and a cogent narrative reports on a flock of wheelchairs taking up all the parking spaces at a public park on a weekend.  This writer also describes other ingenious ways that people are actively fighting back against disabled parking abuse.  I love all of them.  “Each chair was accompanied with a message, like ‘I’m just getting coffee’ and ‘It’ll only take a minute,’ all the usual suspects used as justification for improperly parking in a parking space designated for handicapable use. Some chairs even came with their owners, ready and willing to offer up one of these excuses!”


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