Permadi Kaleidoscope Painter

For graphic art fun, visit the new and improved Permadi Kaleidoscope Painter.  Here are some images I created with it, just playing around.

(Imagine what you could do with real talent.)

Please note: these images are copyright protected and marked as such, as I definitely will use them for other purposes.  If you’d like to use one somewhere in a not-for-profit venue, contact me for a not-for-money arrangement to get the original 700×700 pixel version.

More fun for the child in you or with you:

  • 16 of My Favorite Art Websites for Kids, presented by Hayes Art Room / Elementary Art Happenings, the Fairmeadows Elementary art classroom blog.  Strap on your mouse and go nuts.  If there’s a kid at your computer (you don’t have to tell us your age), this is where to magically transform yourself into a super-artist.
  • No doubt most people think it’s just a matter of common sense, but I find common sense often uncannily uncommon.  Most people also think that they know how to raise their kids better than anybody else, when in fact many parents are kids raising kids, and I don’t mean just teenagers.  For these and other reasons I think it’s worth reading Tips for Responding to Your Child’s Artwork by Teresa Woodruff in the Art It Out Therapy Blog.


Co-star in this show; comment below

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