Tim Carleton’s Opus No.1 should inspire mass protest by phone users

My thanks to Gary Conkling for Rock Star of Hold Music, where I learned about Opus No. 1, Cisco’s phone hold music by Tim Carleton and Darrick Deel.  Carleton and Deel created the piece in 1989 in their garage as teenagers.  Cisco’s blog says it is the default hold music for 65 million Cisco IP phones.

How can we launch a global protest against companies who inflict annoying noise on callers instead of something like Opus No. 1?  How about putting them on hold with a 10-second endless loop of something nauseating and dressed in static, annoying enough to drain their serotonin?  Then tell them why you did it, so they can tell their boss.

I’d like Opus No. 1 more if they softened the beat.  Otherwise it beats everything I’ve heard on hold for a long time, except the one where a human voice interrupts silence once per minute saying, “Thank you for holding.”  Silence is good.


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